Mourning the unmournable: a forum on 9/11

Friend of the show Anjuli Raza Kolb (@anjulifatima) is joined by Mariam Ghani (@ghanimariam) and Chitra Ganesh to discuss the many legacies of the September 11th attacks.

Anjuli Raza Kolb (University of Toronto) is a scholar, poet, essayist, and translator living in Harlem.

Chitra Ganesh is a Brooklyn-based artist working in film, mural, photographs, painting, comics, and digital media.

Mariam Ghani (Bennington College) is a filmmaker, artist, activist, and researcher based in New York.

Chitra and Mariam have collaborated since 2004 as Index of the Disappeared, an experimental archive of post-9/11 renditions, redactions, detentions, deportations and disappearances, and a platform for dialogue around related issues and ideas.

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