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“Palestinians are the glue that holds Israel together” w/ Mary Turfah

Founder of and longtime supporter of the show Louis Allday ) returns to guest host an episode with Mary Turfah ( about her article on Zionist sadism. Watch the on our YouTube channel "Running Amok" ...

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“Landscape of deathmaking”: The Palestine/Mexico Border w/ Taylor Miller

Friend of the show Alex Aviña guests hosts an episode with geographer Taylor Miller about the intertwined systems of carceral border control policing the US/Mexico border and Palestine. Watch the on The East is a Podcast YouTube channel...

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“The commando who never fired a gun”: Lessons from the life of Ghassan Kanafani w/ Louis Allday

[Producer's note: My conversation with Louis went on for another 30 minutes so if you are interested in listening ] Longtime friend of the show Louis Allday is back to discuss the 52nd anniversary of Ghassan Kanafani's martyrdom. Check...

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Tankie Group Therapy #19: Running Amok

On June 18, The Baffler published an article by called in which Mary tried to understand the psychology underlying Israeli troops and citizens' production of trophy videos and photos we have been seeing during the war. Our...

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Poetry for Liberation: From Haiti to Palestine

On 10 May 2024, the hosted a virtual, communal, poetry reading noting connections between Haiti, Sudan, DRC, Palestine, and Indigenous people on Turtle Island, facing invasion and genocide. Program available here Watch the of The East...

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Sina Rahmani

The Host

Sina Rahmani completed his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA. He is a translator, scholar, and writer. His work has been published in the PMLA, Iranian Studies, boundary 2, Radical History Review, and Public Books.

He does this podcast in his spare time, of which he has plenty. He has never gone fishing.

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