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(Preview) Bonus Episode 113 – Uprooting birthrights w/ Nora Barrows-Friedman

A preview of the latest bonus episode. Get access to it and hours and hours of bonus content byup at the $5 level. You can donate directly through, and PayPal/Venmo as well. Links to the latter on my website,...

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Samir Amin: “The Second Wave of the Rise of the South; the Emerging Countries (as of 2000)”

The third of a three-part lecture series hosted by the SOAS in 2013 titled "The Second Wave of the Rise of the South; the Emerging Countries (as of 2000)" (The first two parts are also available on this feed)...

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(Unlocked) Bonus Episode 111 – The importance of close reading w/ Louis Allday

Louis Allday () is a writer, historian and founding editor of Unlocked from behind the paywall. Sign up for the bonus feed at to get great bonus content and help sustain the show. Go to for...

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(Preview) Episode 14 – Afghanistan 101 w/ Justin Podur

Friend of the podcast Amanda () interviews another friend of the podcast, Justin Podur () about the history of Afghanistan Access this episode in its entirety by signing up at

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Decolonization, not decolonize w/ Nasser Mufti

Long time friend of the podcast teaches at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Check out his article, "" Please consider the show. Go to for links to Patreon, GoFundMe, cash apps, and merch store. ...

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Sina Rahmani

The Host

Sina Rahmani completed his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA. He is a translator, scholar, and writer. His work has been published in the PMLA, Iranian Studies, boundary 2, Radical History Review, and Public Books.

He does this podcast in his spare time, of which he has plenty. He has never gone fishing.

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