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Tankie Group Therapy #15: Segregationist Methuselah and the fading US Empire

Nora , Sina , Rob (), and Alex ( are back on the couch for another session of Tankie Group Therapy. on The East is a Podcast YouTube channel Consider supporting the show

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Tankie Group Therapy #14: Too much democracy!

An extra large helping of Tankie Therapy featuring a big crowd of patients crammed together on the digital couch: , , , Arama, , , , and chaotically trying to host. We discussed the very irrational response on...

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Buying Back Our Things: One Man’s Mission to Reclaim Somali Material Culture w/ Aziz Faarah

Guest host and writer Amal Nura interviews Aziz Faarah , independent archivist and collector of Somali artifacts. They discuss his auction adventures and encounters with vendors including one who spent a few weeks in Somali jails in the...

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The Martyrdom of Walid Daqqa w/ Rana Barakat and Abduljawad Hemayel

is associate professor of history at Birzeit University in Palestine and director of the BZU Museum (. Abduljawad Hemayel ) is a lecturer at Birzeit University. , "The parallel human: Walid Daqqah on the 1948 Palestinian political...

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Tankie Group Therapy #13: We consider the matter closed

On Day 191 the tankie therapy group convenes (Joe Emersberger , Rob Rousseau , Mikey Inouye , Sina Rahmani , Alex Aviña but for an analytical discussion about Iran's missiles hitting Israeli airbases the day before. A summary...

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Sina Rahmani

The Host

Sina Rahmani completed his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA. He is a translator, scholar, and writer. His work has been published in the PMLA, Iranian Studies, boundary 2, Radical History Review, and Public Books.

He does this podcast in his spare time, of which he has plenty. He has never gone fishing.

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