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Tankie Group Therapy #1: The Airing of the Grievances 2023

Friends of the show Justin Podur , Nora Barrows-Friedman (), and Matteo Capasso joined me for a discussion about the ideological hellscape in which we are incarcerated. Consider supporting the podcast

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Out of many, one ethnostate: On Zionism’s contradictions w/ Morgan Artyukhina

*This is a preview of the latest bonus episode. Sign up for $5 a month toaccess and help keep the show going!* Morgan Artyukhina is a historian, teacher, and writer. Support

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China’s ecological miracle w/ Kyle Ferrana

Kyle Ferrana ()is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Check out on China's rapid advances in renewable energy and infrastructure. Consider supporting the podcast.

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Bonus Episode 168 – Matteo Capasso

*This is a preview of the latest bonus episode. Sign up for $5 a month toaccessthe entire conversation and help keep the show going!* Matteo Capasso recently joined me for a two-part episode , and I wanted to...

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Sina Rahmani

The Host

Sina Rahmani completed his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA. He is a translator, scholar, and writer. His work has been published in the PMLA, Iranian Studies, boundary 2, Radical History Review, and Public Books.

He does this podcast in his spare time, of which he has plenty. He has never gone fishing.

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